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British English and Pronunciation One-to-One
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Hello, I’m John. I teach British pronunciation and English to intermediate & advanced adult learners. Get in touch now to discuss your individual needs.

► British English One-to-One:

In these lessons you will learn to express your own ideas in more sophisticated ways, in speech and in writing.

What will we do in the lessons?

• Conversation
We will talk about everyday subjects, & discuss advanced topics such as current affairs, philosophy & politics. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

• Listening
We will watch British television together to develop your aural comprehension and knowledge of British culture. You will learn lots of British idioms & slang!

• Reading
We will read real English text covering advanced topics such as art, science and current affairs. Reading is an essential skill, and it will improve your vocabulary and grammar too.

• Writing
We will do lots of writing exercises. Often you will write about things that we have read or watched in the class, & sometimes you will write about events in your life or other subjects that we have discussed. Your knowledge of the English language will improve.

► British Accent One-to-One

In these lessons we will correct your pronunciation mistakes and you will learn to speak with a natural English accent.

What will we do in the lessons?

• Correct your pronunciation mistakes
These lessons are tailored to each individual student. Your specific pronunciation problems will be addressed in depth. We will do a variety of vocal exercises and may also record your voice.

• Learn how British people really speak
You will learn the vowels, consonants etc. that real British people use. This will involve vocal & listening exercises. You may be surprised by the truth!

• Develop diction, flow & expression
You will learn how British people really express themselves, & learn the subtle tricks that natives use to speak with diction & flow. It isn’t easy, but practice makes perfect!

• Speaking, reading & listening exercises
Lessons are very active. You will do a variety of vocal exercises to develop ‘muscle memory’, listening exercises to develop your ‘ear’ for the English accent, and rea

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